Products for molten metal level and flow control

The metal cast house environment of the 21st century is quickly evolving into a fully automatic process. The customers to the metal processing industry is demanding new levels of quality that can only be achieved with the precision and flexibility offered by a computerized controlled casting process. Precimeter offers more than 20 years of experience in casting automation implemented into a wide variety of products engineered to fit the specific needs of a any cast house. Our products include metal level sensors, flow actuators, pumps and control systems. Please browse our product line to find the product that fit your needs.


Precimeter has a wide range of sensors based on two main sensor technologies, Laser Triangulation and Proximity (inductive).

Triangulation Laser Sensors – for any foundry application
Inductive Sensors – for non ferrous Die casting applications


Precimeter has a wide range of various actuator types designed for different applications.

Furnace Tap Out Actuators – Automatic furnace tapping
Head box Tap Out Actuators – Automatic headbox/tundish tapping
Pin Position Actuators – Automatic and adjustable Pin and spout control
Automatic Dams– Launder level and flow control
Skim Dam Actuators – Move your Skim Dam (Slab mould)
Heavy Duty Stopper Actuators – For ferrous foundries

Electromagnetic Pumps

Two main pump systems are manufactured and marketed by Precimeter.

Round Pumps – for soldering systems or metal transfer
Flat Channel Pumps – for easy metal transfer

Metal Level Control Systems

Precimeter offers several different levels of control system automation. The systems range from a single control point with one actuator, one metal level sensor and one control loop to the MLC Advanced system with multiple control points (such as a slab caster).
The control systems are available as Standard Stand Alone Systems or Customized Control Systems made specifically for customer requirements.