Electromagnetic Pumps

Electromagnetic pumps enables an almost laminar flow during turbulence free transfer of molten metal. Without any moving parts or direct contact with the molten metal

Electromagnetic pumps – withstanding up to 800°C; suitable for aluminium (Al), magnesium (Mg), lead (Pb), tin (Sn) and zinc (Zn). Other material is available upon request.

A very decisive factor for high-quality cast products is a turbulence-free and gas-free flow of the liquid melt that is as laminar as possible during the casting process. This can only be inadequately achieved with mechanically operated means alone. An electromagnetically regulated solution in form of a high-delivery pump would be ideal for this procedure; this pump is able to deliver a large volume of liquid melt with a constantly adjustable performance and very high reliability.

The electromagnetic pumps for liquid metal are based on the principle of a linear motor.

This type of electromagnetic pump results in almost laminar motion of the molten liquid in the pump tube.

Advantages of electromagnetic pumps:

• No mechanical wear
• No moving parts, low maintenance
• Usable at high temperatures
• Laminar flow

Two pump systems are manufactured and marketed by Precimeter.

Round Pump

The Round Pump from Precimeter possesses several transformer sheet packages arranged in a circle with coil assemblies positioned one above the other and a central pump pipe and pump core.
This pump is frequently used in a small and compact version, e.g. in automatic soldering systems or circuits and as a transportable immersion system for emptying vessels and other containers.

Flat Channel Pump

The Flat Channel Pump consists as a standard of two magnet frames arranged facing each other with integrated coils and a pump channel arranged between the two magnet frames.