Molten metal level and flow sensors originally designed for their purpose

Precimeter Sensor Technology

Precimeter has a wide range of sensors based on two main sensor technologies, Laser Triangulation and Proximity (inductive).

Triangulation Laser Sensors

Laser sensors specifically designed for molten metal level and flow control applications – Stable readings even in difficult environments. The patented digital camera technology results in very high sensitivity and accuracy. It makes it possible to give stable readings even when the material reflectivity changes dramatically and in harsh conditions with smoke, steam and fire.

Inductive Sensors

Inductive measuring systems – withstanding up to 800°C without any cooling required; suitable for aluminium (Al), magnesium (Mg), lead (Pb), tin (Sn), zinc (Zn). Other materials on request.
Inductive level measuring systems are used to regulate, control or measure filling levels in melt and holding furnaces, intermediate vessels, channels and launders. The measuring systems are available in a submersible version and a non-contact version.

Additional Sensors

As a compliment to any automatic casting process we can offer a sensor for Tilting furnace Angle Feedback (TAFB) and a fail safe over fill guard (OFG) for redundancy purpose.