Die Casting

The Precimeter group is fully committed to providing the market with state of the art measurement equipment for the die casting

Solutions for Die casting foundries

Charging control

In order to monitor the charging of the furnace, Precimeter has developed inductive sensors that facilitate and guarantee charging of the furnace.
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Filter monitoring

In order to be able to monitor filters or channels in closed or open systems, Precimeter offers inductive sensors that are used to control a tilting furnace or automatic plug unit via electronic output signals.
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Ladle automation

As an alternative to electrode scanning, Precimeter offers a purpose-built inductive sensor to allow positioning of the exact operating point of the ladle.
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Launder Level Control

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Measurement of different levels

The continuous dual submersed level sensor from Precimeter was developed for applications typically found in electrolysis. Two superimposed levels can be measured, e.g. aluminium / salt or magnesium / salt.
Since it is well known that very aggressive chemical reactions take place during electrolysis processes, it is essential to select an appropriate protective tube for the submerged sensor.
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Low-pressure casting

In order to control the process of low pressure pouring, Precimeter has developed a ring probe, allowing the casting process to be started from a pre-programmed reference point.
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Sand casting

In sand casting, the appropriate measuring electronics from Precimeter can monitor and control mould filling at the riser tube by a proximity probe.
Filling can be performed by a tilting furnace or a plug control unit.
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Two chamber system

Various different measuring systems from Precimeter can be employed for the optimum monitoring and control of a two chamber system.
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