Metal Transfer

Safe and controlled metal transfer solutions

Melting temperatures <400°C

Emptying the container for non-ferrous metals up to a melting temperature of 400°C. Emptying of containers with liquid molten metal is always a critical process and can be a safety risk. Precimeter has developed a pump system with a round pump that makes the process controllable and safe.
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For stationary, non-tilting melting furnaces, there is often the need to cover large distances in order to tap the molten mass in conjunction with considerable mechanical effort, which under certain circumstances influences the statistics of the furnace and the building. In order to automate removal of the molten mass, Precimeter GmbH has developed a system based on an electromagnetic pump (flat channel pump).
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Automatic selective soldering

In automatic selective soldering, it is necessary that a column of tin with a constant flow is formed.In order to perform this, Precimeter GmbH has specially developed an electromagnetic pump for this purpose (round pump).
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